How to Play Fruit Ninja

In Fruit Ninja, you have to slice all the fruits that suddenly fly up on the screen. You can do this by holding the left click button of his mouse. Then, swipe across the fruits on the screen before they fall back down. If there are a multiple number of fruits flying up on the screen, you must slice them all at once. To do this, it is best for you to hit all those fruits in one swiping motion. Doing so will give you extra points through combos.

You must be successful in slicing all the fruits, because once you accumulate three misses, the game will end. Another way for the game to end is when you slice a bomb that has appeared on screen. By just slicing one bomb, the game automatically ends. To win the game, quick and precise motion is very important. Being able to do things quickly and accurately will help you gain more points in Fruit Ninja.

Different Modes, Different Styles of Playing in Fruit Ninja

There are three game modes readily available in the game. These are the Classic Mode, Zen Mode, and Arcade Mode. First, Classic Mode is where you can play with no time limit. You just need to get the highest score possible until you hit a bomb or miss slicing three fruits. However, there is a chance to get an extra life in this game. Whenever you reach a score that is a multiple of one hundred, you will gain an extra life.




Next, Zen Mode is a timed mode with a limit of ninety seconds. Also, there are no bombs and special fruits in this mode. This one is considered to be plain and simple. You just need to rack up as many points as possible without thinking of the misses.

Lastly, we have the Arcade Mode. This mode has a sixty second time limit. Bombs appear in this mode, but so do special bananas that will help increase your score faster. The different types of bananas may give you unique bonuses like doubling points for a limited amount of time. It may also increase the quantity of fruits that are appearing on screen or slow them down for a while. A unique feature in this mode is that slicing bombs won’t make you lose the game immediately. Instead, slicing these will deduct your score by ten.

For both the Classic and Arcade modes, you should look out for the pomegranate fruit. As this fruit appears, the movement of the game slows down. Then, you have the chance to quickly slice this fruit multiple times to increase your score further. After a few seconds, this fruit will explode and will destroy all other fruits flying on the screen. In the classic mode, this fruit will just randomly appear. Meanwhile, for the Arcade mode, this fruit will always fly up whenever the timer is about to end.

Unlock After Winning

Unlocking achievements are also a feature found within Fruit Ninja. You can unlock different blades and dojos as the game progresses. To do so, you should check out the requirements for each of these found in the Armory menu. Some of these requirements may be in the form of hitting certain fruit milestones. You may also achieve them by being able to complete a game with a specific score.

In addition, keep in mind to regularly check the Missions menu. Doing so will let you know what you need to do to get more currency. This is used to buy some power ups in the game. These power ups have different effects and bonuses so make sure to use them well. Also, you can find these boosts via the Shop menu.

One the power ups is called Bomb Deflect. This boost is used to nullify a bomb that you accidentally sliced in the Classic Mode. Moreover, it lengthens your time in the game and helps you increase your score. You can purchase as many of this power up as you can. However, you can only use a maximum of three Bomb Deflect power ups at a time.

Another power up in this game is called Berry Blast. This is available in all of the three modes of this game. This boost will cause all strawberries that you sliced in the game explode and give you bonus points. Lastly, the third power up is called the Peachy Time. This is available only in the Zen and Arcade modes. This power up will grant you extra time whenever you slice peaches.

How to Download Fruit Ninja

So with a game this simple and super exciting at the same time, expect to lose some of your idle time while being engrossed playing this game. Download Fruit Ninja today on your PC and get to experience fruit slashing for free! To know how to download the game, just follow these easy steps.




  1. Click on that “PLAY FOR FREE” button that you can see on the screen.
  2. Wait for the installer to finish downloading.
  3. Once it’s done, click on it and run to start installing.
  4. Finally, you can play the game once it’s done.