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Fruit Ninja: Different Modes & Combos to Get a Higher Score

Playing Fruit Ninja entails being quick and attentive to what’s being shown on your PC screen. Especially, ninjas are swift and incredibly precise to every detail. And that’s how you do it in this fun video game as well. This game can be played by any age group and controls are fairly easy. There are certain strategies, though, which you can use to score high and win more levels. Here are different game modes which you can prepare for to fully enjoy the Fruit Ninja.


Fruit Ninja PC Game


Classic Mode

This mode is the original and the real deal here is to make that high score. You just need to make sure that every fruit is sliced and not dropped. Also, don’t forget to avoid those ticking bombs that soar up with the fruits. If it is very near to one fruit, let go of that one and focus on the next set. Once you hit the bomb, it’s game over. Garner as much score as you can and be the greatest of them all.

Arcade Mode

By far the most popular mode among many players, arcade is the way to go! You have sixty seconds to score many points by using some special power ups or bananas. This is the most challenging mode among the rest. This is where your skills are put to test under pressure. There will be bombs here as well so make sure to be careful. Although slicing them won’t make you lose the game, it will deduct your points by ten. Take note of the items that appear on the screen and be quick on your feet.

Zen Mode

If you are the type who wants to practice until you are better, then the Zen mode is right for you. It does not have bombs that make the game difficult. All you have are fruits that you need to slash before they go down. However, it has a time limit so make sure to make the best out of it. Hone your ninja slashing skills while in this mode. At the same time, it’s also quite relaxing to slice all you want without those pesky bombs.

Nail those Combos, Critical Hits, & Bananas in Fruit Ninja

For players who are hungry for more ninja action, then prepare to make some amazing combos to score high! A combo happens when you slice at least three or more fruits at one slashing motion. Therefore, the score doubles as compared to slashing one fruit. You need to be patient and aim for slow and strategic slicing instead of slashing all over the dojo.

As for those critical hits, these come around randomly. So be sure to get this as this will give you 10 points more than usual! In the arcade mode you will experience slashing special bananas with stripes or the frozen ones. Blue striped bananas give you a x2 score for a short period. Meanwhile, red striped bananas are amazing because this will make lots of fruits fly thus calling it the frenzy banana. Lastly, the frozen bananas will slow down the game time for a short period while you go on and slash more fruits that pop up. 

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