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Fruit Ninja: Tips & Tricks in Getting Higher Scores

Fruit Ninja has been one of the most downloaded video games since 2010. It has the combination of simple controls and exciting game play. Because of this, players tend to play without noticing how much time they have already spent with this game. As the game is never ending until all lives are lost, the goal is to get the highest score possible. For that ultimate high score, here are some useful tips on playing Fruit Ninja on PC.

A Good Ninja is Keen to Their Senses

If you believe you are a good ninja, then you must not fail this game at all. Ninjas are very sensitive and trust their senses a lot. In the game, you need to listen well if the ones being tossed upwards are fruits or a bomb. You can definitely hear the ticking of the bomb so it’s best to move fast and not hit it. Be sensitive to the sounds you hear in the game and do the necessary actions to earn scores. This is why playing the game with sound can be helpful for you.


Fruit Ninja Gameplay


Check the Objectives First in Fruit Ninja

Do you want to earn star fruits? Well, it is easy. Check the game objectives and accomplish them. Then, you get star fruits as a reward. There may be very challenging tasks but possible to finish. Although it’s not necessary to finish them each time, it is still helpful to do so. That’s why it is important to take note of them.

If in Doubt, Drop the Fruit Near the Bomb

In Classic Mode, there are times when bombs fly up together with fruits in the dojo. If you are not an expert at this game, it is best to just drop that one fruit that goes with the bombs. It is way better than accidentally slicing it and losing the game. It’s alright to lose some fruits than lose the entire game. That’s why it’s better to just let it go.

Swipe Pomegranates as Fast as You Can

In the game, pomegranates help in making you score higher and faster! Make sure to slice them as soon as you see them to help you in the game. As you slice those pomegranates, they explode and wipe out other fruits soaring in the dojo. These fruits are such a treat especially for those players whose scores are quite in a pinch.

It’s Okay to Try Again in Fruit Ninja

Not all players will always have a good start in playing Fruit Ninja. You may hit on several bombs making you lose right away. Don’t be sad as you can always play again! There are no lives lost. Moreover, you can play the game all over again several times until you have mastered every level. But of course, work on that high score too, will you? Practice makes perfect, so train hard and grab those high scores.

Free Star Fruit at Gutsu’s Cart

Just like other games, Fruit Ninja also has an in-game currency which is star fruit. While you can use real money to get star fruits, it is best to be resourceful in this game. To do that, you can watch short video ads to get one star fruit for free. Moreover, you can visit and check Gutsu’s cart as he gives away star fruits for free. His cart also offers power ups which you can use to finish off your tasks in the game.

Download Fruit Ninja on your PC now and play it for free!